Why don’t you?

You may, or may have not, have noticed that this entry is written under a new profile (Intrepid Dreamers).

Intrepid Dreamers, was created for you, all of you out there (yeah, you, you and you) who feel that there are things to be said, changes to be made, thoughts to be spread, voices to be heard, and souls to be united.

The blog’s goals will be to create a community of Intrepid Thinkers out there, and a sense of togetherness, of sharing of thoughts and, why not? Of sharing of spirits.

Your ideas can float in the interweb now, they can be discussed, and given a chance to be debated, developed, and more importantly, heard. Do not hesitate, and write now!!

Send us your article, whether a photo, a video, a publication or just a song, that reflects what you believe is needed to be done, and it will be posted under “Intrepid Dreamers” profile, just send it to the e-mail address: abstractcontributors@gmail.com

Don’t forget to mention your name (yes so you get credit for your mind work), your preferences, and why you think what you are saying needs to be heard. Add also your website, twitter account and we will be pleased to help you get some visibility.

So yes, this is your chance to speak your mind,

Let’s make sparkles and fireworks!!


The Abstra Bloggers


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