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Harris and his three little purple elephants

17 May

Little Harris had three little Purple elephants, Yellow Hair, Orange teeth, and blue tail, Harris would play all day long  with his three little friends.

One day while they were playing under the big giant cherry tree, Blue tail fell into a deep hole, underground.

« Oh, blue tail fell into a hole » cried yellow hair

« We should save him » added orange teeth in despair and worry

But brilliant Harris thought for a second and said: « wait we mustn’t at any rate follow him, underground holes take to wonderland, a land where late rabbits live, jabberwockies, mad hatters and evil queen of hearts »

«But our friend is there » stated yellow hair

« Well, said Harris, I think I know a Short cut in the woods that might lead us directly to him »

The three little Brave ones walked through the woods; they walked, and walked, and walked, for many hours.

Suddenly, they heard noise coming from underground, not really noise it was more of foot steps, they followed the sound, and they could hear background noises also, some of which Harris recognized in the wonderland tales he has read.

they knew where their friend was, but they were too far to get to him, and the « so called » shortcut seemed like an endless maze, as their bodies grew heavy on their legs and they couldn’t stand walking any other step, they sat down with no speck of hope to hold their shattered souls, they sat there blaming each other, feeling guilty…

So, they decided to go back home, and wait for him. After all wonderland had to have an end at some point, unless the queen of  hearts cuts his head off, Harris didn’t really want to even think of that possibility, so with a large consoling smile, he told his friends not to worry and that he is sure that blue tail is alright, as soon as they arrived home they prepared some  tea and biscuits and sat down waiting, which was harder than walking through the woods looking for him, it was painful and agonizing,  it almost felt like dying hundred  times a second.

Not everyone is supposed to come out alive from wonderland…It all depends…

(Alice was an exception, she created wonderland) you know how you feel when nothing makes sense, you start thinking that you should go see a shrink, you think you’re losing it, and that even though your life is grammatically correct, you just know deep down it shouldn’t be that way, according to common sense and natural/normal behavior of your fellow “strange ape-like beings”, that “deep down” feeling is almost never wrong( of course not), you knock on its door every time you want to make a choice. A deep down feeling that reveals the truth, a little voice that guides you, that speaks louder than any other voice, yes a little voice, I think you should start questioning that little voice, unless you’re afraid to fall into the underground hole that leads to wonderland, a land where late rabbits live, jabberwockies, mad hatters and evil queen of hearts. There is a 99% chance that you might not come out of it alive… but don’t be confused, “we’re all mad here”.

Back to the story, which is obviously going nowhere or maybe it was going somewhere and I just forgot where it was going, or there is another possibility of me doing it on purpose, but Nahhh! That’ll be way too cool!

No ending, but for those of you who are worrying about blue tail, I can promise you that he is doing well.

Cheers to you,   Abstra’ readers.