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Roll Roll Roll Your boat gently down the stream and yada yada yada

28 Jun

Does everything work as it should ? It’s very easy to claim that everything should when actually the working process of anything is really complicated, so yes you wouldn’t want to end up with everything being perfect (that if such thing exists) it’s not really about perfection, but more of satisfaction, the more you long for things to be perfect, the more you’ll turn out to be a very miserable person, it’s a very complicated process in itself, and explaining it wouldn’t satisfy anyone because you would deny taking part of such thing, when of course you are spending your days doing really “important stuff” , running after everything and nothing without even realizing that we all take place in the same track field, so we are all ending up the same way, but still we disagree about most things, so that makes us not just “busy” but also blind, I love to call that kind of blindness: stew blindness or for short stewness.

Stew blindness is a very rare kind of blindness, but still we all have it. It hits human beings since they start taking notion of their surroundings, so I don’t know really at what age it does really develop itself, it depends on how fast you begin to realize that you need a job (hello life), maybe an early exposure to what I like to call responsibility or maybe cause and consequence of your actions, that you are not really free (sorry bad news) and that the administration is a sadistic constitution.

The symptoms of such rarity can be:  Denying that you have stew blindness, you would answer very much often “I’m fine” to the question “How are you?”, you would think that your life is at normal speed, when it’s actually very fast, you would feel stressed all the time doing very short tasks that take long time and that are somehow useless.

Luckily, such thing can be treated, in different ways and you wouldn’t even have to admit that you are stew blind. Unfortunately, I cannot say how, but I can assure you that it is very common (so it’s very normal to have it) and that people who realize that it does exist are very much miserable, so don’t worry, such blindness is in your favor.

You’d have to struggle to get out of it, people die trying to cure it, so I wouldn’t want you to add up anything such as that to your very busy life. In that case this post is turning out to be very useless, since you expect me to say, that you can actually make it, but no you won’t, you’d probably die having it, which is sad in a way, but you know, people at your funeral would still cry, and say that you were a really nice person…

The End

See you all very soon

And for all of you, who are going on vacation, enjoy yourselves!  For those of you who are working all summer and love their job, enjoy yourselves as well, for those of you who are working all summer and really hate it but still are well-paid, well think about the money and for those of you who aren’t well-paid, quit it, and come hang out on the interweb (of course hang out to look for a better job)


P.S:  Sorry for the long absence.


“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change !”- Alice

19 May

To better know what something is not, we should first know what it is, but Sometimes we are better off explaining it by first knowing what it is not, you would have a vague imprecise idea of what it is.  For instance, you know that a green apple is not red, but to get to know which green it is, you would have to make much more effort, and for that you would have to dig deeper, sometimes explaining a big word, can be very tricky, especially when it involves different people seeing it differently, A word like Transhuman is a word that is classified in that category (A.k.a controversial) so first let us begin by defining it with what it is not, Shall we?
A Transhuman is not Potato chips
A Transhuman is not an apple
A Transhuman is not a green apple
A Transhuman is not a red apple
A Transhuman is not you complaining about how slow your computer is
A Transhuman is not you sleeping after a long day of work
A Transhuman is not Attention deficit disorder
A Transhuman is not world hunger
A Transhuman is not a science fiction TV SHOW
A Transhuman is not a sign to world s end
A Transhuman is not a time travel machine (not a time traveler either)
(this is getting harder, I am starting to think that maybe Transhuman is potato chips)
A Transhuman is not non-sense
A Transhuman is not a Psychedelic drug
A Transhuman is not a Psychedelic dream
A Transhuman is not a nightmare
A Transhuman is not you struggling to read the first page of a book because the TV is loud, your little sister is telling you about her day, your mom is calling you, and you can not at all concentrate
A Transhuman is not you spending the day feeling sick in your bed
A Transhuman is not a superhuman
A Transhuman is not a super hero
A Transhuman is not nothing, not everything, nor it is anything
A Transhuman is not the guide-book to life, th universe, and everything else

A Transhuman is not a yellow box where you keep your DVDs

A Transhuman is not totally a zombie
A transhuman is not a machine/ a tool/ a way to control the world
A Transhuman is not magic 8 ball
A Transhuman is not a paperclip
A Transhuman is not a new line of clothing
A Transhuman is not right
A Transhuman is not wrong
A Transhuman is not you multitasking and feeling dizzy
A Transhuman is not the total opposite of the above

I feel the sudden urge to say what it is, but I really enjoyed writing this list and want to keep it going, so if you know what A Transhuman is NOT, please do post a comment of it… that should be so much fun !
And Hey ! I just wrote a list, which is according to blogging tips, is one of the most things ever to be read, I guess we will see about that !
what else to add ?
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cheers to you all,