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Dutch stirring

16 Oct



Darkness  pt. 1:

The other day I was sitting in the train, starring at the window and starring at the scenery rapidly flashing past my eyes. Shadows created by the turns of life’s chess game. It was the black kingdom’s turn.

Why do I bring up this shed of light on darkness? Because quite frankly it intrigues me, the whole spectrum of darkness even. The fact that you don’t know what happens in all those edgy corners, ‘scary looking’ forests, deserted roads accompanied by tall (even more so) overshadowing trees and simple darkness of a field which seems to have no end.

Anything can happen at those spots. Be it something good or something bad. I mean there are a ton of things one could think of. I don’t always try to bend my mind to the negative, which is relative at the same time.

People often refer to the world as being ‘black and white’. I’m not one of those people….

~The ‘Gunblade’ is mightier than the pen and a sword combined~
-<()-_-()>-  Dutch Dualist..