Oh My! all this talk is making me feel nauseous !

20 Mar

We often get lost when thinking about how infinite the universe is, we lose meaning of everything, and we start questioning the definitions that we store, we feel that our minds are expanding, we little by little start coming out of our bodies, and floating…

We forget ourselves, and melt with the world; we become one with the world.

At a point we knew who we were, but now we are not that sure, we existed as a body but now as a thought, we are, we will be, existing as an act, as a name, as a person, we’ll detain the choice…

What if we focused on the main purpose?

(That, if such “concept” exists!)

Is it much more complicated than that?

During lunch time, I allowed myself to take a short nap (due to exhaustion!)

As I deeply started to dig myself into dreamland, a strange exterior disturbance, had to take me back to the 0 point, a little girl was playing with my ear, defining its shape with her little hands with so much fascination. As my eyes were opening and my mind trying to take notion of my surroundings, the little girl’s laughter filled the atmosphere… I was drooling!

As I began to realize that a girl is standing right beside me, and that I wasn’t dreaming, questions of who she might be, began to stream down my brain…Without me having to articulate and with an innocent smile she said: “I am you”

Of course any normal person would’ve thought it was a joke,  so I asked her politely, “Where are your parents?”  Without any answer, she carried on the exploration of my ear, she pointed out with total absurdity, “why is your ear like this?”  Why is my ear like that? Because that’s how we’re built?

“And why’s your ear like that?”  I asked back

“Because I am you” she answered.

…If you are expecting an end to that story, you will be deeply disappointed…though I do have one more thing to add…

Why is your ear Like that?


2 Responses to “Oh My! all this talk is making me feel nauseous !”

  1. John Doe March 22, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    One time, there was a little boy…and he was lost .

    He was in a tunnel, miles away from the coast .

    He kept walking around, while it was darker than night .

    He started crying in despair, when he suddenly saw light .

    The boy stepped oustside, looked around, stumbled in fear .

    And then Mr Jenkins said :

    (“How was it in my ear ?”)

    • martianblur March 23, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

      roses are red
      violets are blue
      you’re adopted

      P.S : blame it on Ray !!
      P.S 1: and Goldie !! : p

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