The Absurdity of life

17 Mar

Now more than ever,  we are witnessing the diversity of beliefs and religions. We buy books about spirituality, without knowing that all of it is pure charlatanism, people nowadays are mixing up science with shallow natural intuitive observations, where is the world heading to? We spend our days collecting signs of the unknown, signs that add excitement to our daily lives; we cant help but take notice of a number that will follow us all our lives, meeting up a friend that we were just thinking about, seeing the same clock digits every time and so on…

We tend to absorb all what we hear just because there is a possibility of it being the truth, we do not question ourselves, for a lack of evidence, or just because we are unable to think, we let our minds be fascinated foolishly, but why?

The fear of doubting ones self, ones culture, the authority, and ones knowledge is “partly” the cause of it all, of course it is impassable to doubt everything (nothing is impossible) but yet achievable, the most difficult part is questioning yourself out loud, and hearing the absurdity of your words, and to accept that you might have to rethink your functioning/”Identity”, the urge to find answers will soon arise, and you’ll be in total chaos/mess… too many theories, probabilities, and possibilities to analyze…

Why not start now ?


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