Down with the state

11 Mar

For all those who have certainly not heard about anarchism, here is something for you. For the others, you may read it as well, maybe it will remind you some teen impulsive needs…

Anarchism, as a political project, was born from the questioning about the necessity of the state an institution responsible for resolving conflicts. From the ideas of the Enlightenment merged this rejection of the state or any other authority that might restrain one’s actions. Anarchism is generally defined as the rejection of any coercive institution.

In an increasingly authoritarian world, composed of totalitarian regimes where human rights are abused, it has been argued that anarchism would no longer have a chance to come to life. However, a newly-emerging interest for its libertarian ideas have brought back this dying ideology onto the scene. Indeed, from punk-rock music to ecological movements, the new generation is hoping to establish a stateless society in total harmony with the Earth, as the twentieth century witnessed a revival of interest for the human being.

You have certainly seen the red circled A somewhere; maybe at the University’s cafe down the street, or at that skate park where some noisy black-dressed all-tatooed guitarists keep screaming some very weird loud music. You have certainly asked yourself if you were getting old, or was the new generation’s music totally senseless, but still, you cannot have missed that graffitti. it represents the recent revival of anarchist thought, pushed by many scholarly studies and a popular disbelief in the state’s ability to manage problems it endlessly creates.

Many scholars, from Noam Chomsky to Saul Newman (if you don’t recognize any of them you should stop your romantic books and start thinking about something more “mature”), showed that twentieth century’s was not an abstract theory, but indeed was realizable. New community-shared websites, for example, managed and used by the people, illustrated what humans were really apt to perform, without the intervention of any regulating institution. Wikipedia is today’s biggest encyclopedia. The tendency of uncoerced persons to self-commitment and free sharing of informations wonderfully demonstrated the good in all of us. This dream-like conception of human nature, usually seen as a very naive perception and considered as anarchism’s weakest point, has been proved so greatly that it led to the “awakeness” of individuals all around the world. As Alice woke up in Wonderland, all those persons who finally understood the unnecessity of the state are now accusing this institution of being the evil of all the world’s problems.

Do we really need a police to keep an eye on us? Do we really need armies to protect us from outsider enemies, while the biggest threat to our lives lies within our wells? Wars, genocides and murders are just an aspect of what the state asks us to do “for the common interest”. Were the Khmer Rouge obeying the people’s will, when they were killing these people and throwing them in communal graves? Was it by these people’s consent? While you compile a long list of horrors that our state asks us to perform, bear in mind that you have the power to change things.

If you and I can understand that we gave the authority to the “wrong” organization to control our lives, we will certainly ask it for our lives back. “Anarchism is not dead”, that’s what that awkward graffitti means, and it is up to you to believe it!


2 Responses to “Down with the state”

  1. ... March 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    Hum… do you really think Wikipedia, Youtube or any of those social platforms would be what they are today without any kind of authority to moderate their content ?
    Do you really think that all people can handle themselves properly without some sort of potency to restrain them from harming the rest of society ?
    Communists thought so too, and they failed miserably … we do need someone to regulate the human eagerness for wealth and power.
    it may feel like inhibiting your personal freedom, but it’s a necessary evil …

  2. itskysmylife March 16, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    Hi gentle visitor who left a comment !and God knows how rare they are …

    Youtube is not a free public-supported non-profit website.Youtube is a social-networking community, but uses its visibility to make profit. Of course it needs moderators because, as long as there is profit, there is necessity to cover interests.

    Wikipedia is totally different concept. First you don’t get ads on the top of the page (For someone who does not clik on them it makes no difference but financially it does). Wikipedia is publicly shared, no one can ban you nor one can erase your profile because indeed there are no need for profiles. You just click a button and you can modify the page’s contents.

    Here you’ll tell me that you can actually write any piece of crap and make it confirmed. Well, you might be right, but still have you ever done it?
    – If you responded yes (and by the way you are a really really bad person), why did this crap didn’t appear? Because there are others who corrected it. These “angels” are just normal people like you and I, generally scholars and experts of the field who find it both pleasant and educatif to share knowledge freely.
    – If you responded no, then isn’t that a proof that you indeede have a “personal conscious” that help you distinguish between the bad and the right thing ?

    So yes, based on that “thing” that made you think twice before doing some mindless job, i believe that people, if educated, can handle themselves as easily as they actually do.

    About communism, i may ask you to clarify your point because of the endlessly biased concept that such a work undermines.

    Thank you !

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