Why capital punishment must be abolished

3 Mar

The libertanian ideas of the seventeeth century worshipped the human being as the most valuable component of the world. This led to the emergence of claims of equality of rights and complete freedom in order to develop one’s skills. At that moment, an unending fight for the abolition of capital punishment was launched, in order to free humans from the foolish belief in higher educative purposes of punishment.

No one has the right to decide the end of another human’s life. Not only killing the other is the highest violation of its intrinsic rights, buta also it gives a bunch of closed-minded people that we tend to call judges, the divine right to stop one’s mind from thinking and one’s heart from beating, under the clain that the decision is made for the community’s common good. How can indeed those aged so-called wise persons see the common interest? Is not that a claim of divinity ?

In darker Ages, the ecclesia, deriving its authority from a spiritual source, saw any resisitive creative mind as a threat for its own survival, killed millions of women’s lives, under the banner of eliminating obscure forces (High School History books rarely take into account those millions of “witches”). Is not that what humans are really good at, endlessly judging the other just to protect the self? How can we indeed legitimate capital punishment if every judgement is by essence only relative?

All those who claim the necessity to terminate a murderer’s life as an examplar for subsequent latent criminals would have to bear in mind that, not too long ago, cutting one’s head was considered as an attractive event for the populace. Those who have read Victor Hugo’s “The last day of a condemned man”, where the author describes the festivities that were used to take place in preparation of the visiting guillotine, will certainly understand that punishment cannot be used to exemplify. Is it by showing the consequences of one’s acts that we will eradicate the causes? Or would we just push people towards the necessity to avoid getting caught? Indeed, moving towards a more preventive system will certianly be of a greater effect than electrocuting a person until death follows.

What about all those innocents’ lives that have been taken? Can anyone be sure of another’s guilt? Is it the whole judicial system that needs to be remoulded? Or are our own beliefs in judgement as an affordable tool to compare the good and the evil that are to blame?


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