Oh Me, Oh my !

12 Jan

I know! I know! I know! shouldn’t actually wait this long before writing my next blog entry…so please whom ever you are out there, I promise I’ll be blogging more often, I mean I have to. Ounce in my life got to finish things I start. Anyhow, I know how it’s annoying sometimes to see blogs with just one entry (you know who you are!)

The thing is I was really busy (daaaahh who isn’t?) I mean I was extremely busy, in a certain time where I shouldn’t be, see I have a really big problem, a huge problem, you might go well we all do, but believe me even though this problem might sound common, I really think that the degree of which it evolves in my case goes beyond compare, see my problem is : Procrastination, not any kind of procrastination, I have the kind of procrastination which you can be quite aware of, but still not do anything about it, some of you have maybe experienced it some others not, some would go: “Oh No that’s my worst nightmare why would I not do anything about it, I mean that would be darn stupid”…

Bottom line, I can’t imagine how people can just be very tidy and just be very organized, and do things in time? Really please I need an answer!! I also have this other problem, which I can’t understand, maybe it’s one of the side effects of procrastination or something, the problem is, when I wake up, I mean force myself to wake up, and I wake up very early, in time, have my cup of coffee, prepare myself, get the time to check my emails go on Facebook tweet etc, but I always ran out of time, I mean no matter how early I am I always ran out of time. I mean how strange is that? if anyone knows what’s the scientific name for that or Anything, please do share it ! Okay enough with my ridiculous problems (oh jeees it’s her second entry and she’s already complaining, don’t people wait until someone is actually listening)

Anyhow, Something really weird happened to me this morning, everything was going as expected, I got up, did everything as it should, of course ran out of time, which made me hurry up to the train station, I was trying to tie my shoelaces, check if I had everything in my back bag, catch a taxi, and button my shirt, it was total chaos at that precise moment, I can’t even think of how I managed to do all of it, when I can’t even count properly, so yes I caught a taxi, and arrived to the train station, to find out (as usual) that my train is going to be 20 minutes late, so I had to wait thinking, that it’s the last time I ran out of time, so inside of my mind I was trying to concentrate, I took a deep breath and I just sat on the floor, because there was no bench where I was standing , I mean not anymore, since the bench strangely disappeared, anyhow, after waiting for about 5 minutes, I started to really feel annoyed, and I started to complain in silence. the train came, after 10 minutes, so I didn’t have to wait for 20 minutes after all.

I got in the train, and to my surprise the whole section was strangely empty, so I walked to see if that was my lucky day, or Am I on the wrong train or something, after walking through the whole train (or almost) I found that the other sections were very much crowded, and I had all that section to me, I mean how kewl is that?

I came back to the empty section, and started telling people about it and feeling really proud about my discovery, next thing I know people were following me, I felt powerful for a second, so I pulled the door and invited everyone in there, as if it was my home. But, suddenly everyone started looking at me and I could see that they were really angry, and couldn’t understand why, some of them just rolled on the floor laughing, and others thought that it was a bad joke, this old woman came to me and asked me if I was okay, and I couldn’t understand why they were acting like that, so after that really awkward incident I got into that empty section that I had just for myself and sat down, letting go of all the questions that had crossed my mind at that moment, because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to know.

The train stopped, I went down and as soon as I got my feet on the ground the train flew right away, I looked right and left and thought WHERE THE HELL AM I? the place I was in wasn’t  RABAT, it wasn’t like any other place I’ve ever seen, surrounded by green, there was only this little wooden door, at about 2 m height in front of me, so a step after another, my heart was beating by the way, I was so scared, and strangely I was thinking that this isn’t really funny and I will be late for school, I opened the door, this really intense white light came out blinding me, and I could hardly see what was in there, this man was sitting on a wooden chair he had a really long beard, he said to me, “oh, I was waiting for you I thought you’d never come” “and excuse the blinding lights and the wooden door, and my long beard it’s all in the scenario, I talked to the higher master but he wouldn’t make me look any cooler then this, you know I had to meet with your expectations” , I was speechless, I tried to put words together but they just couldn’t come out, a chair suddenly appeared behind me, “you may be seated my dear” said the man, “you are here because you need to……… wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up, you are late

Alright folks,

Peace out



2 Responses to “Oh Me, Oh my !”

  1. Guess who ? January 30, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    Lmao, i rofled at people rofling XD !
    It’s quite a peculiar behaviour thought, i would have suspected something’s wrong 😀 !

    • martianblur January 31, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

      Everything is possible in dreams !
      Thank you for taking the time to comment : ))


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