2010 ! Oh ! Come in.. what a pleasant surprise !

1 Jan

I am (likely to be) a sucker when it comes to introductions, but I guess saying Hi to everyone is a must.. so, Hello everyone ! this is officially my first blog entry, and what a coincidence !! it’s on the first day of the new year…hmm…doesn’t 2010 just seem like a big number? A number that you can’t just hide…or ignore while telling the story of your life, you can’t just skip it, next thing you know people will start asking about it…

2010 but still no flying cars, no free trips to the moon, no time travel machine, no cheese flavor ice-cream…but hey doesn’t hurt if you keep hoping another year for it all…

I remember that at this time of the year, back in 2001 I promised myself I would go to Japan before 2009 ends, I didn’t go, but it’s on my mind, I’ll probably blog about it if I do, the thing is resolutions are most of the time hard to make, and do, especially for someone as unrealistically crazy as I am, that’s partly why I don’t (anymore) make lists and stick them on the wall..

I’m just realizing that time goes by so fast, I’m 18 already, still working on changing the world…which brings us to the question why am I writing this blog? (you over there in the corner, answer !!!) well maybe I’m writing (what isn’t she sure?) because I want someone to witness step by step how I will change the world, and make it their guide book…and how are you planning on changing the world? (okay this is starting to scare me) let’s say it’s more of making impact on people, just a small group of people, give them more hope and inspiration (maybe, if that’s a way of doing it) I have no real plan to do that, but each day that goes by, I am more and more convinced that I can do it, I don’t know how, I don’t know when will it start for real.. I don’t want to make a revolution or anything I just want to get to know more things about the complexity of the human mind and just try to fix things to be fixed…because there are so many people out there that just need a helping hand, a smile that tells them that everything’s going to be alright…we all had rough moments in life, and we were alone facing them, and boy was it hard…

Anyhow, I hope this year will be an art-filled year, hope it’s going to be crazy weird strangely fantastic, and most of all filled with happiness and good moments that will make you want to carry on until 2011…hope the humanity will get wiser…and unite..

To you all let’s kick this year’s behind, and make the most out of it !!

Let’s try to live and be free…

Peace out,



3 Responses to “2010 ! Oh ! Come in.. what a pleasant surprise !”

  1. Maria January 3, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    Damn it you’re a good writer cousin
    Love it
    Love ya

    keep up the good work and optimism

    Toulouse here we come

    • martianblur January 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

      Thank youu, i’m doing the best i can 😀

  2. Abdellah January 8, 2010 at 3:23 pm #

    I am writing this comment for the second time :S Moroccan internet connection :@

    Anyway, I said that I don’t know in which film you could see that we can have free trips to the moon in 2010 😛 but the time machine is possible, cause I saw in a film that a scientist made it in 1975 !

    I respect your motivation to make a change in the world and help the people; just fix your blury vision to know how to do it ! it’s necessary !

    Keep writing,

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